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AC Repair Services in Portsmouth, VA

As a homeowner in AC Repair, Virginia, you understand how important it is to have a well-functioning heating & air conditioning system. At Galactic Air Heating & Cooling, we are here to help with all of your residential HVAC needs. From routine maintenance and common repairs to full system replacements, let Galactic Air be your first and only call!

For immediate service, or to request a free estimate, please give us a call at 757-280-2609.

Portsmouth, VA, is a city whose origins date back to 1620, and many historical landmarks reflect that heritage. To learn about the area’s history, locals know to visit Olde Town, Cedar Grove Cemetery, The Hill House, and more.

Portsmouth isn’t just a place with historical significance, however; it’s also a beautiful area to live in. That said, summers can become incredibly hot, sometimes reaching 100 degrees or more. If your air conditioner breaks down, you’ll need AC repair services in Portsmouth, VA, to make your property feel comfortable again.

At Galactic Air, we’re prepared to provide you with high-quality air conditioner repair in Portsmouth, VA. Backed by years of experience, we can confidently provide you with the help you need to restore your system to its former glory.

Determining Whether You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Portsmouth, VA

How do you know if you need to schedule AC repair services in Portsmouth, VA? Certain signs — like a lack of cold air — are obvious, but others might escape your notice. Contact a professional if you notice any of the following concerns:

  • The unit produces odd smells. Have you noticed a musty, moldy smell when turning on your AC? Does it seem to produce a pervasive burning smell? These could be signs of potentially serious issues, so it’s better to be safe than sorry by reaching out to an expert.
  • You’ve noticed that the unit cycles on and off frequently. The unit should only cycle a couple of times an hour. If it cycles more than that, check your thermostat; if it’s set to the proper temperature, then the frequent cycling could be a sign that something’s wrong.
  • You notice loud banging, clanking, or rattling. While the unit will make some noise while running, too much is a sign that something might be loose inside. Contact an HVAC contractor to investigate unusual noises and see what the problem might be.

How Much Will HVAC Repair Services in Portsmouth, VA, Cost?

The cost of Portsmouth, VA, HVAC repair will vary depending on the situation. Say, for example, that your contractor examines your unit and sees several issues. Fixing these would take a lot of time and resources, so the overall cost of repairs would be higher.

On average, HVAC repairs will usually cost a couple hundred dollars, though they might reach several thousand if the problem is severe enough. Your HVAC contractor will be able to provide you with a more exact estimate once they’ve had a chance to look at your system.

Let Our Professionals Provide You With the Assistance You Deserve

The sooner you address problems with your unit, the less you worry about potentially extensive damage. At Galactic Air, we know exactly what to do to get your unit working properly again. We are committed to handling each job with care; our experts will pay close attention to even the smallest details, going above and beyond to produce fantastic results.

We only work with the best of the best. Our professionals are all nationally certified, insured, and properly trained to ensure excellent work. When you choose us, you’ll get top-notch repairs, guaranteed.

Are you worried about how to afford our HVAC services? We offer financing options to make things easier. In addition, we offer a Local Heroes Discount and utility rebates. Just reach out to us today to learn more about these fantastic offers!

Need Emergency AC Repair in Portsmouth, VA? We Have You Covered

Has your air conditioner stopped working entirely? Is refrigerant leaking out onto the floor? Have you noticed sparks coming from your unit?

Certain problems can’t wait. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Let Galactic Air provide you with emergency services to address potential hazards. Our experts will respond promptly to your request, quickly examine your system, and handle the repairs to ensure everything works properly.

Contact Us Today To Request AC Repair in Portsmouth, VA

While Portsmouth, VA, is a beautiful area, it can also have dangerously high temperatures. You can’t afford to go for very long without a working air conditioner, so reach out to our experts for assistance. We offer outstanding AC repair services in Portsmouth, VA; with our help, your AC will be working again as quickly as possible.

Don’t suffer in the summer heat. Turn the air back on with help from Galactic Air. Contact us at 757-280-2609 to answer any lingering questions you might have and learn more about what we do.

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