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Nose Knows Best: Identifying Troublesome Heating Smells in Virginia Beach, VA

Problematic Heating Smells

In Virginia Beach, the scent of our homes becomes a note of comfort in the brisk fall air. But what if that comfort is disrupted by an unexpected odor emanating from your heating system? It’s not just a matter of unpleasantness, as certain smells can be harbingers of underlying issues. 

Join Galactic Air Heating & Cooling as we guide you through identifying problematic heating smells that could indicate the need for a professional touch.

A Preemptive Approach to Heater Health

A peculiar smell from your heater often serves as an early alert to potential problems. Unusual odors can indicate the need for heating repair in Virginia Beach, VA. Quick recognition and response, with the help of Galactic Air, not only clears the air but also ensures your heating system’s longevity and safety.

Decoding Problematic Heating Smells

A well-functioning heating system should circulate warmth without any noticeable odors. However, when the air carries a hint of something foul or strange, it’s time to be vigilant. Here are five common problematic heating smells and what they might mean:

  • Burning Dust Smell
  • Musty or Moldy Odors
  • Electrical or Metallic Smells
  • Rotten Egg Smell
  • Smoky or Oily Odors


Burning Dust Smell

When you first activate your heating system, a burning dust smell is typical, especially after a period of disuse. 

This usually indicates that dust has settled on the heat exchanger over the warmer months. If this smell does not dissipate quickly, it could suggest a need for heating repair in Virginia Beach, VA, as accumulated debris can force your system to work harder and decrease efficiency. Regular maintenance checks can prevent this issue.

Musty or Moldy Odors

A persistent musty or moldy scent when your heater is running can signal the presence of mold within your ductwork or on the heating system itself, requiring immediate attention for both health and operational efficiency. Scheduling a heater maintenance check can identify and remedy these concerns, improving the air quality in your Virginia Beach home.

Electrical or Metallic Smells

An electrical or metallic odor emanating from your heating system is a telltale sign that should never be ignored. It often indicates worn components or a potential electrical malfunction, which could lead to system damage or even pose fire risks. 

Promptly contacting Galactic Air for heating repair in Virginia Beach, VA, can ensure potential electrical issues are professionally addressed.

Rotten Egg Smell

The distinct smell of rotten eggs is a serious red flag and typically points to a natural gas leak. For safety, it’s crucial to turn off your heating system immediately and contact Galactic Air. 

Our experienced technicians are trained to handle such emergency heating repairs in Virginia Beach, VA, with the urgency and precision required for the safety of your household.

Smoky or Oily Odors

These smells can often arise from oil furnaces and may indicate a need for cleaning or repair. If you’re detecting smoky or oily odors from your heater, it could signify incomplete combustion or an oil leak. Heating repair can diagnose and resolve these issues, ensuring your system is running cleanly and effectively.

Contact Galactic Air for Trusted Heater Solutions

Don’t let odd smells linger in your Virginia Beach home. At the first whiff of trouble, reach out to Galactic Air. We’re equipped to diagnose and resolve any heating issues, ensuring your home remains a sanctuary of warmth and safety. Contact us today to schedule a check-up and breathe easy all winter long.

How To Control Humidity In The Summer

The summertime in Virginia Beach is particularly wonderful in this city, as gorgeous beaches and fantastic weather attract locals and tourists alike. However, the summertime does bring high humidity levels, which can damage your home and adversely affect your health.

At Galactic Air, your home comfort is our top priority, and it is important for homeowners to know how to control humidity in the summer. In this article, we discuss proper humidity levels, ways to control humidity, and how high humidity can affect your home in Virginia.

Proper Humidity Levels for Your Home

Humidity simply refers to the amount of moisture present in the air. Contrary to popular belief, humidity is actually necessary for home comfort. Too much or too little can have negative effects, which is why homeowners should maintain humidity levels between 30-50%.

How High Humidity Can Damage Your Home

High humidity can make your home uncomfortable and muggy. Too much humidity in your home can cause damage to your home’s structure and your personal belongings. Additionally, high humidity can cause health problems for residents and harm indoor air quality. Below we have listed several ways in which high humidity can damage your home and harm your health:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Increased chance of illness
  • Wood floor & furniture damage
  • Damaged electronics
  • Peeled paint & wallpaper
  • Extra strain on your fixtures (air conditioners, heaters, toilets)

Tips To Control Humidity In the Summer

If you are experiencing high humidity in Virginia Beach, the Galactic Air team can help! Too much humidity can affect your sleep and overall comfort, which is what our technicians are here to prevent. Below we have listed ways to control humidity in Virginia Beach, VA and surrounding areas.

Purchase A Dehumidifier

We recommend that all Virginia Beach homeowners purchase a dehumidifier. These handy units remove excess moisture from your home’s air supply and ensure optimal humidity levels. We find that homeowners love to place these units in spaces such as basements and crawl spaces.

Use Exhaust Fans

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the main sources of excess moisture within a home. By placing an exhaust fan in these spaces, you can prevent water buildup from damaging walls, mirrors, and other important spaces. You will be able to cook and bathe in peace without worrying about potential humidity issues.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Open doors and windows in your home, especially when performing tasks that create a lot of moisture. If you want to take a hot shower or boil food, for instance, give extra moisture a place to escape your home’s air supply. This step pairs nicely with exhaust fans.

Schedule AC Maintenance

Did you know that air conditioners work to remove humidity? Malfunctioning air conditioners can also contribute to high humidity, which is why AC maintenance in Virginia Beach, VA is essential. Units with broken parts or those that are too large for a given space can produce high amounts of moisture. Scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance ensures your AC system is working properly with no underlying malfunctions or obstructions contributing to humidity.

Call Galactic Air For Air Conditioning Services!

Having proper humidity levels comes with many benefits, from greater comfort to a lessened chance of property damage. The experts at Galactic Air Heating & Cooling understand how to control humidity in the summer. We want you to protect your home from any moisture damage, so you can focus on what really matters: enjoying the summer season.

If you are in need of AC repair in Virginia Beach or surrounding areas, give the Galactic technicians a call! Our qualified team can quickly arrive at your home and provide various air conditioning services to restore your comfort. Call us at (757) 575-5334 today!

Common AC Repairs

Living without air conditioning proves highly uncomfortable during Virginia’s warmer months when temperatures can reach the 90s. When your air conditioner goes down, it can do so for various reasons that often require the services of HVAC professionals. In this blog, we discuss how to recognize problems with your air conditioner and the most common reasons for AC repair in Virginia Beach.

How Do I Know When I Need AC Repair In Virginia Beach?

Before an air conditioner breaks down, it often shows signs that it needs a repair service, including:

  • Blowing warm air or no air at all
  • Unresponsive thermostat
  • More recurrent repairs
  • Odd odors or sounds
  • High indoor humidity
  • Water or freon leaks
  • Rising utility bills

In other cases, your air conditioner may not turn on at all, marking an immediate need for repairs.

The Most Common AC Repairs In Virginia Beach

When you hire the expert technicians at Galactic Air to fix your air conditioner, we will address everything from parts replacements to system clean-outs. Whether your HVAC system has stopped working completely or only spits out a minute amount of air, our experts providing AC repair services can help you get your system up and running. Some of the most common reasons for AC repair in Virginia Beach include:

Dirty Air Filters

Many homeowners forget to change out their air filters, causing them to clog with dirt, lint, and fur. This clog can not only make your air conditioner struggle to blow out cool air, but raise your energy bills by making your system work harder and longer.

Capacitor Malfunction

Capacitors keep your air conditioner’s motors running, so when this part stops working, you need a replacement to get your air conditioner in good working order.

Clogged Drain Line

Drain lines can clog up due to lint and dirt, backing up your drain pan and making it possible for your AC unit to leak. Since these leaks can cause irreparable damage to your air conditioning system, hiring professionals to clear the line saves you from future unit problems.

Thermostat Connection

If you try to change the temperature of your air conditioner and the air won’t switch with it, your thermostat may have disconnected from your HVAC system. A professional HVAC technician can renew this connection.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Lying on the outside of your unit, condenser coils can become dirty from rain, mud, dirt, and more. While you can sometimes use a water hose to clean the mess away, when the material becomes too caked on, you need an expert with the right cleansers to clear it up.

Repair Your AC Today With Galactic Air in Virginia Beach, VA

When you need professional AC repair, trust our trained and experienced HVAC technicians at Galactic Air to help you. From replacing malfunctioning condensers to performing regular maintenance, our team of HVAC experts helps Virginia Beach, VA, property owners enjoy a cool, safe summer.

However, the majority of AC repairs can be avoided with annual AC maintenance performed by a Galactic technician! For professional AC repair and maintenance from the top HVAC experts in Virginia Beach, contact Galactic Air by calling (757) 575-5334.

5 Ways To Prepare Your AC Unit For Summer

If you reside in the Virginia Beach area, you know summers here are no joke. With temperatures averaging about 85 degrees, staying cool and comfortable during this time of the year is crucial. Whether you are planning on enjoying a nice family vacation at your summer home or hosting a fourth of July party, the team at Galactic Heating & Cooling wants you to enjoy your summer festivities to the fullest. This blog will go over five effective ways to prepare your AC unit for the warmest months of the year.

When Should I Start Prepping My Unit For Summer?

Although there is no specific date you should start preparing your AC unit for summer, it is recommended that you start as soon as possible. With spring being in full swing, right now is the perfect time to take action. Picture this: You wake up, turn the weather channel on while making yourself breakfast, and overhear your local weather channel guy saying a heatwave is on its way. Then, you decide to lower your thermostat a few degrees when BOOM! Your AC won’t switch settings and something appears to be wrong. Taking action so this does not happen at the most inconvenient time is key.

What Should I Do To Prepare My AC Unit For Summer?

With that being said, there are a few things you can do at home and with the help of professional help to prepare your unit for the warmer weather. Following these steps will ensure your unit is ready to work hard for the summer to keep you and your loved ones comfortable:

  • Clean Air Filters
  • Check For Airflow Leaks or Obstructions
  • Remove Debris From Around The Outside Unit
  • Consider Switching To A Smart Thermostat
  • Request AC Maintenance

Clean Air Filters

Cleaning or replacing your air filters is simple and can be done so in a matter of minutes. If you let your unit’s air filter accumulate dust and debris for longer than it should, this can lead to motor burnout and ultimately failure. Additionally, dirty or clogged air filters can affect your home’s air quality levels, leading to negative health side effects. Depending on environmental factors such as number of pets and the type of filter you own, technicians advise that homeowners change their air filters approximately every 90 days.

Check For Airflow Leaks or Obstructions

So, you’re aware that you should check for airflow leaks or obstructions around your unit but don’t know exactly where to look. First, you will want to return to the areas where the ductwork is accessible once your HVAC system is turned on. Then, put your hand over the metal of the connections between each section of duct to check them. If air touches your hand, this points to an air leak and the connection is loose.

Remove Debris From Around The Outside Unit

Cleaning the outside unit is another important thing all homeowners should do while preparing their AC unit for the summer. A year’s worth of dirt and debris have accumulated around the cooling fins of the outdoor unit while it has been left outside, making it less efficient. To remove debris from around the outside unit, you will need:

  • A vacuum
  • A garden hose
  • A foaming coil cleaner
  • A trash bag
  • Gardening gloves
  • Garden scissors

Consider Switching To A Smart Thermostat

Thermostats are one of the most important parts of your HVAC system because they help maintain the required temperature throughout your home. Having a thermostat that works efficiently is crucial to save you money on energy bills and keep you and your loved ones comfortable year-round. If your thermostat is old and approaching the end of its lifetime, you should consider investing in a smart thermostat which uses advanced technology to learn your preferred temperature patterns.

Request AC Maintenance

Scheduling preventive maintenance will ensure that the equipment is operating at maximum efficiency as well as it will extend the life of your unit. If you’re a new homeowner, we understand that taking any of the steps listed above may seem tricky at first which is why Galactic Air is happy to help!

Give The Pros A Call

The professional technicians at Galactic Air Heating & Cooling are happy to walk you through any of the above steps. Taking action now to prepare your unit for the upcoming warm weather will save you lots of money and trouble on unexpected breakdowns. Leave the hard work to us and go enjoy your warm weather festivities!

5 Ways To Decrease Spring Allergies At Home

While the first day of spring has officially passed, most Virginia Beach locals have been experiencing spring allergies for weeks. The pollen began earlier than normal this year and has many of us feeling the effects. However, there is still time to escape the outdoor allergens and have clean air inside your home this spring season. In this blog, we discuss ways to improve indoor air quality in Virginia Beach and decrease spring allergies at home.

What Is Causing Allergy Symptoms Inside My Home?

The most common outdoor causes of spring allergies include tree and grass pollen, mold spores, and insects. Outdoor pollutants can enter homes through windows, open doors, and ventilation systems without proper maintenance. While many outdoor allergens can impact health symptoms, it is important to be aware of indoor pollutants affecting your health as well. Below we have listed common indoor air pollutants in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas.

  • Dust
  • Pet Dander
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

How Does Poor Indoor Air Quality Affect My Health?

Do you know what you are breathing inside your home? As humans, our homes are typically our resting place where we spend multiple hours at a time breathing the air. The average adult gets 7 or more hours of sleep, which means that is 7 hours of breathing in harmful pollutants affecting your health. Below are specific ways poor indoor air quality can affect you and other residents’ health this spring.

  • Irritation of the eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Dry or sore throat
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

If you or someone in your home struggles with a respiratory illness such as asthma, it is all the more important to maintain clean air to breathe. Breathing in harmful pollutants can worsen symptoms and present more long-term health conditions.

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air? This is due to not enough ventilation causing pollutants to build up. Poor indoor air quality is contributed to by a variety of daily activities, such as cooking, cleaning, and burning candles. It is important to maintain positive indoor air quality, because allergens can negatively impact your health and comfort in your home. Below we have listed five ways to decrease spring allergies at home and improve indoor air quality in Virginia Beach!

  • Install A UV Light System
  • Maintain Clean Air Filters
  • Control Humidity
  • Groom Pets Outdoors
  • Perform Spring AC Maintenance

Install A UV Light System

UV light systems are beneficial to air quality, because they purify the air by killing bacteria and mold. The system emits ultraviolet rays to destroy select harmful pollutants before the allergens circulate into your home’s air. UV lights can be installed in the air handler or ductwork of your HVAC system to catch mold and bacteria before it harms air quality. UV lights can significantly reduce and prevent allergy symptoms and improve indoor air quality in your home! Give a Galactic technician a call to install a UV light system in Virginia Beach and surround areas this spring!

Maintain Clean Air Filters

The main purpose of an air filter is to catch pollutants before they enter the air you breathe. Over the course of three months, air filters have caught many allergens, such as dust and pet dander, and need to be switched out with a new, clean filter. If air filters in your home remain clogged with pollutants, the filter struggles to catch allergens and allow more to enter your home’s air. Not only do dirty air filters harm air quality, but also increase allergies and energy costs each month.

Along with maintaining clean air filters around your home, consider installing high efficiency media filters in Virginia Beach. Unlike air filters located in the intake vents, high efficiency media filters are placed directly on the air handler or furnace for a whole-home filtration system. These filters are typically changed every 6 months depending on certain pollutants in your home. Give us a call to install a high efficiency media filter in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas!

Control Humidity

Being located near the Atlantic Ocean can create high levels of humidity. Humidity is a necessary component of your home, but should be controlled to maintain comfort and good air quality. Your home in Virginia should remain between 30-50% humidity year-round. If your home has high humidity, it can increase mold and mildew growth and affect indoor air quality. Dehumidifying systems help remove excess moisture in the air and prevent mold from growing. If your home has low humidity, it can create uncomfortable dry health symptoms and skin. We recommend installing a whole-home humidifier to maintain proper humidity levels.

Groom Pets Outdoors

While we love our furry indoor animals, their pet hair can contribute to poor indoor air quality. We would never suggest getting rid of your indoor animals, just grooming them outside of your home! Regularly grooming your pets can cut down on pet dander affecting allergy symptoms and poor air quality. Whether you brush your pets outside or take them to a groomer, your allergy symptoms this spring will thank you!

Perform Spring AC Maintenance

We promise, AC maintenance is worth it each spring! Not only does air conditioning maintenance ensure your system is well prepared for the workload of the summer season, but can also improve indoor air quality! During spring AC maintenance in Virginia Beach, a Galactic Air technician will clean the inside and outside of your air conditioning system. Allergens and dirt can build up over time and be distributed throughout your home, which harms allergy symptoms. Additionally, we can help maintain clean air filters to keep you breathing easy all spring.

Let a Galactic Air technician help improve indoor air quality and reduce allergy symptoms in your home this spring! For indoor air quality services in Virginia Beach, give us a call or visit our website to schedule an appointment with a trained technician!

How Smart Thermostats Can Save You Money

While Virginia Beach has the benefits of warm beach weather, it also experiences a cold winter season! Both hot and cold temperatures can result in high utility bills year round. Staying comfortable in the summer and winter should not break your piggy bank, which is why many homeowners search for ways to save money on heating and cooling costs. If you are looking for ways to lower your utility bills in Virginia Beach, consider a smart thermostat! Investing in the home device can provide a variety of benefits for you and your home. In this article, we detail everything you need to know about smart thermostats and how the device can save you money!

What Is A Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a thermostat connected to Wi-Fi and can be controlled on a smart device such as your phone. Smart thermostats aim to improve your home comfort while saving energy and money. The device monitors your temperature preferences and adjusts your thermostat setting accordingly. Smart thermostats can be programmed to alter your home temperature at specific times, such as at night or during the work day. Additionally, some types of smart thermostats can detect problems with your heating and cooling unit and remind you when it is time for maintenance.

Why Should I Upgrade My Thermostat?

While regular thermostats can keep your home at a comfortable temperature, smart thermostats provide a variety of additional features. While smart thermostats can be costly upfront, the device can save money in the future when compared to a regular thermostat. Regular thermostats have to be controlled manually, which makes it easy to forget to adjust the temperature when leaving the house for work or vacations. Smart thermostats can improve your heating and cooling systems efficiency, and many believe the benefits outweigh the upfront price tag.

Benefits Of A Smart Thermostat

As we have mentioned, smart thermostats can provide a variety of advantages for your Virginia home. Below are five benefits to upgrading to a smart thermostat in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas.

  • Saves Money
  • Adjusts Temperature From Anywhere
  • Receive Alerts & Notifications
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Compatible With Other Devices

Saves Money

Smart thermostats can save money on monthly utility bills, and who doesn’t like to save money? According to Energy Star, smart thermostats save an average of 8% on homeowner’s energy bills each year. The home device can automatically adjust the temperature at night or other times during the day without you feeling a comfort difference. Smart thermostats adjust your home’s temperature based on your preferences to keep you comfortable and your bills low!

Adjusts Temperature From Anywhere

If no one is home to enjoy the comfortable temperatures, it can be wasteful to heat your home. Whether this is during the day or for a vacation, it is important to adjust temperature settings before you leave. However, the last thing on your mind when rushing out the door or packing for vacation is your home’s thermostat. Smart thermostats can be previously programmed or controlled on your mobile device, so you never have to worry about forgetting to adjust the thermostat again! If your home is set on an uncomfortable temperature to save money while you are away, you can adjust the thermostat before arriving home to maximize comfort!

Receive Alerts & Notifications

Heating and cooling units can often be forgotten about until the system stops working. Smart thermostats can alert you when it is time for annual maintenance and a variety of other important notifications, such as:

  • Filter changes
  • System malfunctions
  • Energy usage

Improves Efficiency

Smart thermostats can improve heating and cooling efficiency by not overworking the unit. Due to the thermostat lowering or raising the temperature in the given season, it can give your HVAC system a much needed break. Your home can be comfortable the moment you walk in the door, but save energy while you are away.

Compatible With Other Devices

If your home uses other smart home devices, smart thermostats can connect and communicate with them. Smart home devices include Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and even humidifiers and dehumidifiers. This feature allows all of the devices to work together to maximize home comfort in Virginia Beach.

Investing in a smart thermostat for your home can benefit your home in many ways. There are multiple brands and types of smart thermostats, and it can be hard to find the perfect one for your home. Let one of our trained technicians help select and install your smart thermostat to keep your home comfortable and bills low each season!

5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

When temperatures drop in Virginia Beach, it is up to your heating unit to keep your home comfortable. However, heating your home can be a costly expense. Homeowners should never have to choose between comfort and cost when it comes to staying warm in the winter, which is why we are here to help! In this blog, we will discuss 5 simple ways to lower your heating bill this winter in Virginia Beach.

Keep Your Heating Costs Low With These Tips!

Staying warm in your home shouldn’t break the bank each winter. No matter the heating system your home utilizes, you can lower heating costs with proper home maintenance and upkeep. Below we have listed five tips to keep heating costs low.

  • Install A Smart Thermostat
  • Open Curtains & Blinds
  • Utilize Ceiling Fan
  • Schedule Heating Maintenance
  • Seal Air Leaks

Install A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are an easy way to keep utility bills low in every season. The home devices can monitor temperature preferences, personal schedules, and the current weather conditions to heat your home accordingly. The program settings in smart thermostats alter the temperature when you are home or asleep, which cuts down on energy costs. Additionally, smart thermostats can be controlled on all smart devices for your convenience. According to Energy Star, smart thermostats average saving 8% on heating and cooling bills.

Open Curtains & Blinds

An easy and cost effective way to save money on heating bills is by allowing the sun to naturally heat your home. During the day, we recommend opening curtains and blinds to let sunlight enter your home. This process can increase heat gain naturally and allow you to lower your thermostat setting. The lower your thermostat temperature, the more you will save in the winter season. Be sure to close curtains and blinds at night to keep in the warm air!

Utilize Ceiling Fan

Did you know that your ceiling fan has a setting for both summer and winter? In the winter, ceiling fans can create an upward draft and relocate warm air trapped near the ceiling. The warm air can be distributed throughout your home and allow you to turn the thermostat down without feeling a temperature difference. To change your ceiling fan setting, locate a small switch typically on the motor housing. Ceiling fans in winter mode will spin clockwise, while summer mode will rotate counterclockwise. However, ceiling fans can only provide comfort in occupied rooms. Be sure to turn off ceiling fans when you leave a room to continue saving on energy costs.

Schedule Heating Maintenance

The best way to maintain low heating costs is to regularly schedule heating maintenance. High utility bills can be due to underlying issues causing the heating system to work harder. A Galactic technician can inspect and repair any issues each season to prevent future problems from arising. A properly working heating system will use less energy and keep heating bills low!

Seal Air Leaks

Heating costs can be expensive, which is why it is important to keep warm air inside and cold air outside. Warm air could be escaping through leaks in windows, doors, and other places around your home. If air is escaping, your heating unit works harder to make up for the lost warm air. This process uses more energy and raises heating costs. We recommend sealing air leaks by caulking or weather stripping. This method is a cost effective and simple way to maximize your home comfort and keep money in your pocket. According to the EPA, sealing leaks and insulating can save up to 15% on heating costs.

Additionally, air can escape through leaks inside ductwork. Leaking ducts make it hard for your heating unit to effectively distribute heat around your home. A Galactic Air technician can inspect your ductwork and repair leaks or other issues as needed. Ductwork services in Virginia Beach can also increase efficiency and indoor air quality.

Additional ways to keep heating costs low in Virginia Beach:

  • Maintain a clean air filter
  • Add insulation
  • Clean air vents
  • Lower thermostat

Let us help keep money in your piggy bank this winter with these five tips. If you are in need of heating repair or experience a heating unit breakdown, give us a call! Our trained technicians can quickly repair and restore your home comfort.

HVAC Tips For The Holidays

It’s finally that time of the year when your family gets together to celebrate the holidays and welcome in the new year. We know how exciting yet hectic the holidays can be as there is lots of traveling, planning and spending involved. The last thing you want is to worry about spending money on your HVAC unit rather than gifting your loved ones a well-deserved present. There are many things you can do to ensure that your HVAC unit remains working efficiently throughout the holiday season. This blog will go over some helpful holiday HVAC tips that all homeowners should follow.

Going Out Of Town For The Holidays?

Your parents have decided to host this year’s holiday family reunion so you’re having to leave town for a few days. Before you pack your bags and head out, these are some of the things you should do to ensure your unit continues to run efficiently when you’re not home:

  • Don’t turn your HVAC system off
  • Make sure your air filter has been cleaned out
  • Clean the area around the outdoor unit
  • Schedule a check-up

1. Don’t Turn Your HVAC System Off

Although it may seem like turning your HVAC system off when no one’s home is a good idea, it can do more harm than good. Depending on how long you will be gone for, most technicians recommend homeowners to turn their thermostat up by up to 5 degrees. Doing so will ensure that your home doesn’t get too cold and it is comfortable enough for when you get back. If you often travel around this time of the year, it would be a good idea to consider installing a smart thermostat for your home. Smart thermostats are efficient and easy to use, as they allow homeowners to control their home’s temperature through their smartphone, no matter where they are.

2. Make Sure Your Air filter Has Been Cleaned Out

As you are probably aware, keeping your air filter clean is a crucial part of ensuring that your system runs smoothly. If you haven’t cleaned or replaced your air filter in over 90 days, it may be a good idea to do so before you leave town. Doing this will prevent dust particles and debris from clogging the air filter and circulating around your home. Failing to change your air filter every 60 to 90 days can significantly affect your home’s indoor air quality levels and lead to health complications.

3. Clean The Area Around The Outdoor Unit

Keeping your outdoor unit clean will help ensure that it is operating efficiently. Oftentimes, dirt and dust may build on top of the condenser unit due to the weather in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas being cold and windy during this time of the year. Wind can easily bring dust particles and leaves that may cause a disturbance in your unit’s efficiency levels.

4. Schedule A Check-Up

If you missed your fall maintenance appointment, this is your sign to schedule one before heading out. You will want to make sure your unit is up and running efficiently to prevent any complications while you’re away. A unit that is experiencing complications may begin to work harder than it’s meant to and lead to higher energy bills.

Additional Tips:

Vacuum your floors and carpets

You may be wondering how vacuuming your carpets correlates to your HVAC system working efficiently. In fact, making sure that your home is free of dust particles and pet dandruff will reduce the likelihood of your system’s air filter from easily getting clogged.

Contact A Professional Today

If you’re planning to go out of town, you may want to consider scheduling a check-up appointment with one of our knowledgeable technicians. Galactic Air is here to help answer any questions about your HVAC system! We want to ensure your holiday season is free of costly breakdowns so you can enjoy your time with friends and family. Give us a call today at 757-575-5334.

How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health

Have you been struggling with health problems the last couple of months and don’t know why? Maybe your allergy symptoms are worse than ever, or maybe something has triggered an onset of migraines and you can’t pinpoint what it is. The air you are constantly breathing in may be the reason why. Your home’s air quality is more important than you think and you should do everything you can to maintain it. Below are two ways your home’s air quality may affect your health and how to minimize indoor air pollution.

Poor Air Quality Contributes To Asthma

There are many health effects associated with air pollutants that many people tend to overlook. If you or a family member have been exposed to harmful air pollutants, this may lead to upper respiratory-related issues like asthma in some people. This is because harmful air pollutants can irritate the airways, causing them to enlarge and constrict, resulting in breathing difficulties. Pollutants can also make some people more susceptible to upper respiratory infections (such as colds), which can exacerbate asthma symptoms. Unfortunately, asthma isn’t the only health related issue that may be caused by poor air quality. Other symptoms that may be caused by poor air quality include:

  • Headaches, fatigue, and shortness of breath
  • Sinus congestion, cough, and sneezing
  • Eye, nose, throat, and skin irritation
  • Dizziness and nausea

Poor Air Quality May Cause Long-Term Illnesses

According to the World Health Organization, household air pollution was responsible for an estimated 3.2 million deaths per year in 2020, including over 237,000 deaths of children under the age of 5. Long and short-term exposure to these air pollutants may go beyond causing you to have simple allergies, and actually lead to long-term illnesses like:

  • Heart disease
  • Strokes
  • Lower respiratory infections
  • Lung cancer
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Who Is At Risk?

You may be wondering if you’re at risk of any health issues caused by poor indoor air quality. The answer is, you can’t rule anyone out! Although research has shown that most people who develop these health issues are those with pre-existing health conditions, a perfectly healthy person can also be affected by poor air quality levels.

How To Maintain A Good Indoor Air Quality

We understand that all the health-related issues that poor indoor air quality may cause are scary. That’s why we’re here to help maintain your home’s air quality and prevent any complications.There are many simple things you can do to maintain the air quality levels in your home. One of the main things you can do to reduce indoor air pollution is to clean your system’s air filters. Cleaning your air filters will help trap harmful pollutants such as dust and pet dandruff. Additionally, doing this will benefit your AC system as it will prevent it from overworking itself when the filters become clogged. Other simple things you can do to reduce indoor air pollution include:

  • Using cooking vents when cooking a meal
  • Keeping your rugs and carpets clean
  • Control the humidity levels in your home
  • Check your air ducts

Why You Shouldn’t Repair Your AC Unit Yourself

Your air conditioner is one of your home’s most important appliances and should be properly taken care of. Unfortunately, a youtube video DIY is not the answer to your broken air conditioner. There are many components of a cooling unit, which can be dangerous if not handled properly. Our expert technicians are trained to properly service your AC unit for your convenience and safety. In this article, we will detail why you shouldn’t repair your AC unit yourself.

Call A Professional Instead!

Repairing your air conditioner yourself could be dangerous to the health of you and your unit. Below we have listed 5 reasons to call a professional rather than repairing yourself.

  • Safety
  • Reducing Efficiency
  • Creating Bigger Problems
  • Warranty
  • Equipment

Health & Safety

Air conditioners have electrical components that can comprise safety. Your system runs on high voltage and runs the risk of an electrical shock if tinkered with. Consider your safety before attempting to fix a wiring problem with your air conditioning system. DIY air conditioning repair could also lead to a refrigerant leak, which poses a threat to your health. Refrigerant is odorless and tasteless, and can poison your lungs. We strongly recommend calling a professional to handle AC repairs, especially if they require electrical attention.

Reducing Efficiency

A trained technician can evaluate and properly repair your air conditioning system. If you attempt to DIY, important procedures can be skipped and harm your unit’s efficiency. An air conditioner has many components that all work together, and one part can cause the whole system to malfunction. Your unit will run with a broken part, which uses more energy and drives up your utility bills.

Creating Bigger Problems

Attempting to repair your air conditioner yourself can lead to bigger problems. It is difficult to identify the source of the AC problem, and fixing something that is not broken can cause issues. You could cause more damage to your system by attempting to find the issue, whereas a professional often can identify repair signs and quickly locate the problem.


Most air conditioners come with warranties, which is a promise to repair or replace within a certain time window. Generally, warranties require proof that maintenance and repair has been performed by an HVAC professional to qualify for the warranty service.


Air conditioning repairs require special equipment that is not typically found in a tool box. The tools are designed to be used and read by a trained professional, which can be difficult for a homeowner. Thousands of dollars are typically invested in the tools and technology utilized to evaluate and repair your air conditioner.

Things You Can Do

Although you should leave AC repair to the professionals, there are a few things you can do to help your air conditioner function smoothly all year long!

Regularly Change The Air Filter.

Your air filter can be the source of many air conditioning problems. A clogged air filter can harm airflow, efficiency, allergies, cooling, and many other things. A general rule is to change your air filter reverie 90 days, or sooner depending on factors such as animals and allergies.

Schedule Maintenance Check Ups

Your technician can catch problems before they arise in a preventative maintenance checkup. Maintenance should be performed twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall. Preventative maintenance ensures your system is ready to cool or heat your home with no obstructions.

Maintain A Clean Unit

Your outdoor unit can gather debris from the weather. We recommend regularly checking the cleanliness of your outdoor unit and removing any leaves, branches, or other debris from the unit to maximize efficiency and airflow.

While some issues within your home can be simply fixed without professional attention, your air conditioner is not one of them. Attempting to repair your air conditioner yourself can threaten you and your air conditioner’s health and safety. To avoid further air conditioning issues and consequences, give Precision Heating and Air a call for air conditioning repair.

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