5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

Brrrrr…stay warm & while keeping it affordable and comfortable

Regardless of what heating system you have, it is to be expected to have higher bills during the winter season, due to the ever decreasing temperatures outside–want to stay warm and efficient? Take a look at our 5 tips!

1. Fully-automate your humble abode

There are several automated options to choose from! We think Nest is pretty cool! It’s so good that Google bought it! Nest tailors itself to your lifestyle. It monitors your movements during the day and night and automatically adjusts itself and updates the temperature. It will save you 10-12% on your energy bill–and better yet–it’s super easy to install yourself!

Explore the Nest here

Perks of the Nest summarized:

  • Save at home and away
  • Control from anywhere!
  • Designed to install yourself.
  • Monitors your system for you.

2. Explore!

We don’t mean trek into the outdoors, we mean explore your attic! Checking the insulation in your attic could help you diagnose a higher than normal heating bill.  A poorly insulated attic allows warm air to escape! No good, you’re not paying to heat the outdoors! Add insulation and replace dirty and worn insulation to keep the warm air in and the cold air, out!

3. Seek out a Pro!

Spend a few dollars having a pro come look and inspect your home. Spending a little now, will prevent you from spending a lot later when problems could arise! Be comfortable in your home all winter long.

4. Throw it back

Be traditional. Blankets, pillows, area rugs and sweaters, oh my! Stay warm without cranking up the heat. Reuse, share and move these items around the house. Buy yourself a pair of fuzzy socks and keep those feet warm without cranking the heat allll the way up.

5. Bake it up!

It’s the holiday season–crack open a cook book and get stirring! Using your oven will keep your home warm, so you can turn the heat down a little. (our favorite baked treat…peanut butter blossoms!)

  • For a Peanut butter blossom recipe we love click here

Thank us later!


How to Prepare your HVAC for the Cooler Months

5 Ways To Improve Your Home Comfort This Winter

We don’t want to accept it, but the colder weather is here. While we can’t stop it, we can help you prepare your HVAC system for the frigid months ahead with these 5 tips.

Check Outdoor Components

Clear any and all debris from around your system. While you’re out there, repair any damage to allow your system to run smoothly and effectively in all 4 seasons. During the Fall time, leaves and pine straws fall into the yard and can quickly accumulate around your outdoor unit. Though you may not be utilizing your condenser unit as much right now, if you have a heat pump or ductless mini split system, you’ll want to make it a priority to keep the leaves raked up around the unit.

Get A Fall System Tune Up

Just like your vehicle, your HVAC system needs an inspection. Schedule a visit to get a professional to take a closer and detailed look at your system. The last thing you want is your system to stop working in the dead of winter.

There are several benefits for getting a fall heating tune-up, including:

  • Increased lifespan of your system
  • Lower utility bills
  • Less emergency repairs
  • Improved indoor air quality

At Galactic Air, we offer comprehensive annual maintenance that will help ensure that your system is ready to take on the colder weather! Contact us today to schedule your service.

Seal Leaky Air Ducts

High utility bill? Your culprit may be air leaks. The easiest way to check for leaking air ducts is to go up into your attic or down into the crawl space to see if the climate is warmer than the house is.

If you have leaks and tears in your ducts, the air will escape into these areas and condition them. If you think you may need to get your ducts repaired – contact us today to come take a look!

Other signs of leaking air ducts:

  • Dirt build up around air vents
  • Funny smells in the house when heat is running
  • Cold spots/inconsistent air flow

Replace Your Air Filter Routinely

This is a year-long tip, not just appropriate for the winter months. Air filters, clean ones at least, will help your system run more efficiently and effectively. The best part, with an efficient running system because of a clean filter, it will help you save money on your utility bill.

There are a lot of different places to purchase air filters, we always recommend getting the appropriate filter for your system and home. If you are unsure of what kind of air filter is best for your system, reach out to us! We will be glad to show you which filters to use.

Consider Upgrading Your System

Although not always necessary, a new system is a way to start from scratch–have one of our techs come out and see what kind of system would be best for you before the snow falls! We understand that investing in a new heating system can often times cause a financial burden on you and your family. For this reason, we offer flexible financing options with approved credit. For more information, head over to our financing page and see begin the approval process today!

Schedule Your Service With Galactic Air Today!

Are you in need of professional heating repair or maintenance services in Virginia Beach? Contact our team of pros today and let’s get you scheduled for service.

How To Lower AC Energy Costs This Summer

Summer is slowly (and unfortunately) wrapping up! But–use these tips now and carry them into next summer!

Don’t Stop and Start Your AC Repeatedly

It takes your AC about 5-7 minutes before it reaches peak efficiency. So, let it run for a little bit longer, and once you’re comfortable, than turn it off.

Open Doors and Vents

With closed doors and vents, this adds barriers. Barriers can build up pressure in certain rooms of your home. As this pressure builds, your AC will have to work harder resulting in making it less efficient.

If energy usage is your top priority in these hot summer months, we recommend getting an AC tune up. This could save you money and time down the line!


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