5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

Published December 7, 2021
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Brrrrr…stay warm & while keeping it affordable and comfortable

Regardless of what heating system you have, it is to be expected to have higher bills during the winter season, due to the ever decreasing temperatures outside–want to stay warm and efficient? Take a look at our 5 tips!

1. Fully-automate your humble abode

There are several automated options to choose from! We think Nest is pretty cool! It’s so good that Google bought it! Nest tailors itself to your lifestyle. It monitors your movements during the day and night and automatically adjusts itself and updates the temperature. It will save you 10-12% on your energy bill–and better yet–it’s super easy to install yourself!

Explore the Nest here

Perks of the Nest summarized:

  • Save at home and away
  • Control from anywhere!
  • Designed to install yourself.
  • Monitors your system for you.

2. Explore!

We don’t mean trek into the outdoors, we mean explore your attic! Checking the insulation in your attic could help you diagnose a higher than normal heating bill.  A poorly insulated attic allows warm air to escape! No good, you’re not paying to heat the outdoors! Add insulation and replace dirty and worn insulation to keep the warm air in and the cold air, out!

3. Seek out a Pro!

Spend a few dollars having a pro come look and inspect your home. Spending a little now, will prevent you from spending a lot later when problems could arise! Be comfortable in your home all winter long.

4. Throw it back

Be traditional. Blankets, pillows, area rugs and sweaters, oh my! Stay warm without cranking up the heat. Reuse, share and move these items around the house. Buy yourself a pair of fuzzy socks and keep those feet warm without cranking the heat allll the way up.

5. Bake it up!

It’s the holiday season–crack open a cook book and get stirring! Using your oven will keep your home warm, so you can turn the heat down a little. (our favorite baked treat…peanut butter blossoms!)

  • For a Peanut butter blossom recipe we love click here

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